Successful Sales & Trade Marketing

- consistent differentiation in performance and appearance

- holistic customer orientation

- successful inbound and outbound sales

- visibility and customer guidance 



instead of bribery


instead of quickie


instead of standard


instead of manipulation


instead of deception

I am familiar with your problems 

  • Retail shops are losing traffic. Frequency creating activities are not sustainable.
  • The sales of whole product ranges and brands collapse.
  • The classic advertising no longer works.
  • The interconnection of the online and offline business is quite difficult.
  • Non-differentiated sales promotions and / or lack of sales support programs.
  • A deficient visual merchandising or orientation chaos at the POS.

changed media behavior and an increasing number of ad refusing people cause unsafe and incorrect media shifts.

In times of digitization, many questions arise.

The causes are manifold 

  • Many companies have no clear positioning. The brand appearance is inconsistent in the absence of a brand core definition. There is no clear differentiation. For many companies metoo services are good enough.
  • Target groups an buying processes have changed
  • The customer shopping process - the customer journey - is not defined or adapted to the changed customer purchasing behavior. It's complicated which message has to be communicated at which point in which channel in which way and in which tonality. The assortment presentation is often not customer-oriented - neither at the POS, nor in the WebShop.
  • Omni-Channel does not work. Online and offline business are not always well interconnected.
  • Trading companies often do not really invest in the necessary private label management.

The cause analysis is the basis for an effective problem solution.

Customer orientation and differentiation

  • I believe in the customer's view. And I believe that marketing has the important role to be the client's lawyer. This requires performance and value-based communication.
  • Successful marketing is based on consistent differentiation in performance and appearance. My own differentiation is to communicate forthright. Sometimes direct, but always honest.

  • I have been doing trade and brand marketing in a responsible management function for almost 30 years with very successful sales results.

  • I am a maker, a sparring partner, a coach, a cleaner, a developer and a creative cross-thinker.
  • Always with passion.

A cooperation with Marc Kreisel starts with the definition of your customer shopping process and all relevant customer services.


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