Marketing & Branding


Marketing provides a direct ROI.


Marketing is a sustainable investment.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is built in coordination with all other operating units of a company.


I believe that
the marketing strategy must be derived from the company's strategy and also occurs in coordination with the objectives of other operating units of a company. Marketing is not an end in itself


Does your marketing strategy pay attention to your company's goals?

Consulting & Coaching 

•  Creation of marketing strategy
•  Strategy process including process participants and guideline

A strong brand 


The brand core is part of the strategy and basis for effective AND efficient marketing communication with consistently consistent appearance.


I believe that
rational and emotional gene structure of the company is defined in the brand core. It’s part of every briefing and basis of strategic brand communication with consistent appearance. 


Are your different achievements as well as the rational and emotional values formulated in the brand core?

Do you know your positioning in the competition?

Is your tonality and visual language derived from your brand core?

Consulting & Coaching

Brand core + positioning

Brand strategy (communicative advantage)

Brand core communication plan including campaign architecture + process development

Emotional Brand Communication

 2 target groups HEART and HEAD can both be reached with a spectacular packaging.


I believe that

brand communication is based on customer-oriented services.

A brand must be able to emerge from the masses of mass communication.


Is emotional brand communication reasonable?

How sustainable is a different appearance?

What is the basis and the component?

Consulting & Coaching

• Briefing preparation

• Campaign process

Marketing Analytics

Analytics is a good service provider, but it does not take responsibility for the decision-maker.


I believe that

marketing has to be deeply humble and respectful of the money that previously had been earned with hard work.

Every advertising investment must be as efficiently and as sustainably as possible.


How efficient and how sustainable is your advertising?

What are the right operating figures and key data for marketing control?

Consulting & Coaching

• Development of marketing analytics (e.g. objective measurement system, budget controlling, market research)

• Definition of the process and process participants

Supporting marketing research studies    




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