Content is advertising that turns customers into buyers.


Content is customer-relevant, profiling and strengthens customer loyalty.  

Content Concept & Organization

Content is relevant, differentiated and sustainable.

Useful content turns customers into fans and not into quarries.


I believe that 

content must meet the parameters relevance and actuality, and must deposit on the brand core. Themes can meet the customer's heart or simply have a substantial, but also a sustainable benefit. The customer is not overwhelmed and annoyed by unnecessary information;

The right Content is provided at the right place and the customer decides when and where which content is needed.

Content is the opportunity for interaction and communication.


Do you know the content that is of interest and importance to your customers? 

Does your content have a relevant and sustainable value for your customers? 

How does a content management system work? 

What is the job of dealer and the brand company in providing content? 

Consulting & Coaching 

The Why: Strategy 

The What: Concept 

The How: Process 

The Where: Organization 

Media-neutral planning and production

Content wird von Redakteuren medienneutral erstellt, um dann kanalspezifisch von Medien-Fachkräften ausgeleitet werden zu können.


I believe that

Content must be provided in a media-neutral manner in order to be adapted and to be specifically directed into the relevant channels. 

There is a networked planning and production process of departments and channels. 


What is media-neutral content? 

How to produce content? 

Do you have a process to plan, create, channel-define and adapt content? 

How do you consistently stream content into all relevant channels? 

How to link the systems of branded products with those of retail? 

What kind of content is used for employee training? 

Consulting & Coaching

Development of the production system.

Structure of the topic planning process.




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