Offline retail business dies due to the online business.

All consumers can be reached by digital media.


The future lies in the symbiosis of offline AND online business.

Differentiating brands touch on all channels.


Cooperation of brands and retail

Retailers need the brands, brands need the retail.

Brands and retailers often act like the counterpoles of a battery - but none of both sides can achieve the full performance without the other.


I believe that

brands are an indispensable part of the assortment policy.

Brands contribute significantly to the assortment attractiveness. Leading brands are expected and have a major impact in the selection of a retail spot.


Defined brand core?

Clear positioning?


Trade marketing strategy?

Sales promotion plan?

Clear and sustainable agreements for your MDF market development funds?

Consulting & Coaching 

• Marketing and Brand strategy

• Concept and positioning

• POS and online presentation

• MDF negotiations

• Promotion concepts

POS traffic - POS frequency 

Frequenz am POS kann durch kunden-relevante Maßnahmen erzeugt und Kunden können durch differente Leistungen dauerhaft gehalten werden.


I believe that

frequent traffic at the POS can be generated by customer-relevant activities. Customers can be kept permanently and new customers can be convinced with a quality claim.


Do you give your customer reasons to select your store?

Are there any services and activities your customers would pay for?

Do you offer location-specific advantages?

Open houses? Special temporary exhibitions?

What kind of activities reflect your brand identity and support your brand values?

Consulting & Coaching 

•  Identification of location-specific, different market advantage claims

• Conception of traffic generators – international / national / regional / local

• Grand opening concepts for new shops or single departments

• Specific trade shows, house fairs, exhibitions

• Events 

• Publication in communication channels

Private labels - own brands 

Consistent private label brand management is a central contribution to the sustainable profiling of the assortment attractiveness.


I believe that

private labels are an expected assortment component. Increasingly they have a high influence in the selection of a retailer. Private labels strengthen customer loyalty and serve as a profiling tool.

However, competition differentiation will require much more than only price policies and discounts in the future.

Value-added brands are increasingly reflecting consumer needs. The strength of a particular private label is determined by the strength of the trading company. 


Are your private labels correctly positioned in the respective product areas?

Development process? Developing standards?

Particular marketing strategies?

Consulting & Coaching 

 Strategy: Brand architecture, catagorization,
   family brand rules, 



• Development process, Conception and positioning

• Online & Offline presentation

Visual Merchandising 

We need to make sure that shopping is as easy, as simple and as fast as possible.


I believe that

the definition of the customer shopping process is the basis of any communication at the POS. We need to make the customers’ purchase simple, fast and convenient.


Which message must be communicated at which touch point and in which way? 

The customer journey for my shop, for a special assortment, for a customer project? 

How to create a distinctive appearance? 

How to communicate brand messages at the POS? 

Consulting & Coaching

• Your individual POS communication standard
• Your individual message hierarchy
• Your brand at the POS
Assortment POS communication to guide customers to the right article selection our individual message

Print, leaflets, advertising supplements

Push combined with pull?

I believe that

an explosion of media, increasing digitalization, the use of mobile devices, and the change in media consumption makes the right marketing investment less easy.

It must be considered accurately whether the existing advertising supplement is still efficient and effective enough.


How many of your leaflets are finally on the kitchen table and do not move directly from the mailbox into the paper tray?

Do you know that in many German areas there are up to 70% of households who do not wish to receive advertising supplements?

Consulting & Coaching

• Conception of a customer-oriented and different leaflet

• Alternative communication for areas with high advertising denying quotas




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