Areas of my services


How is your marketing department structured?

Are your marketing activities interlinked with business processes?How do you choose your partners? How do you lead and manage and audit these?Is your "old world” connected to the digital world in a customer-oriented way?



Does your marketing strategy pay attention to your company's goals?

Are your different achievements as well as the rational and emotional values formulated in the brand core?

Do you know your positioning in the competition?

Is your tonality and visual language derived from your brand core?

Is emotional brand communication reasonable?

How sustainable is a different appearance?

How efficient and how sustainable is your advertising?

What are the right operating figures and key data for marketing control?



Do you know the content that is of interest and importance to your customers? 

Does your content have a relevant and sustainable value for your customers? 

How does a content management system work? 

What is the job of retailer and the brand company in providing content?

How to produce content? 

Do you have a process to plan, create, channel-define and adapt content? 

How do you consistently stream content into all relevant channels? 

How to link the systems of branded products with those of retail? 

What kind of content is used for employee training?





Trade marketing strategy?

Sales promotion plan?

Clear and sustainable agreements for your MDF market development funds? Do you give your customer reasons to select your store?

Do you offer location-specific advantages?

Open houses?

Special temporary exhibitions?

Are your private labels correctly positioned in the respective product areas? Development process + standards?

Which message must be communicated at which touch point and in which way? 

The customer journey for my shop, for a special assortment, for a customer project? 

How to create a distinctive appearance at the POS? How to communicate brand messages at the POS?

How many of your leaflets are finally on the kitchen table and do not move directly from the mailbox into the paper tray?


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